Kym Manuel

Name: Kym Manuel.

Address: 8 Park Lane.
City: DULACCA. QLD. 4425.
Phone: 07 4627 6572.
Service No: A47799.
Aircrew Position: Crewman.
Squadron/s: 5 Squadron.
9 Squadron.
SAR Flight Williamtown.
SAR Flight Learmonth.
ACMFO Egypt/Israel.
Aircraft Flown: UH1H Iroquois.
Courses: No 1114 Recruit Course. No 15 Crewmans Course 11/76.
Model railway. Kym has an extensive railway network in the grounds of his Dulacca home which draws considerable interest from tourists and railway buffs. As Kym's home backs onto the Brisbane to Charleville railway line, it is not uncommon for trains to stop and those on board pile out to admire Kym's model railway network.
Kym received a Queen's Commendation (New Year Honours List 1981) for valuable service in the air (peace time MID) for rescue work while at SAR Flight Williamtown. Kym is also the author of the book 'Aussie Iroquois' published in the early 80s.
Profile Date: 27 November, 2007.
Profile Updated: 21 August, 2011.