Roll of Honour, Airman Aircrew ....

Last updated ~ 02 September 2017

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Adams Noel Keith A14461 Pilot 24/05/1961 Killed in civil aircraft accident, Brisbane. TAA DC4 VH-TAA. Nundah Catholic Cemetery, QLD.

Ahrens Barry O218430 Parachute Jump Instructor 06/05/2006   Norfolk Island Cemetery.

Ames John O129341 Air Electronics Analyst 07/12/2012 Cancer St George’s Anglican Church, Gawler, SA.

Amos Peter Robert A44788 Crewman 10/10/2006 Complications from Stroke. Peter's son FSGT Trevor Amos is presently a loadmaster with 33 Squadron.  

Anson Colin Mervyn 'Avro'. O1306 Pilot Engineer 06/10/2012 Aged 91 years.  

Asimus Colin John A24871 Flight Engineer 06/05/1989 Complications associated with a brain tumour. Hahndorf Cemetery, SA.

Barber Alan Douglas A421146 Navigator 1960 MVA.  

Barber Damien A110372 Flight Engineer 04/11/1992 Kidney Cancer. 10 & 11 Squadrons. FENG Leader, 10 Squadron. 'Damien's eldest son ABAWASM Darren Barber is serving in the Royal Australian Navy as an Acoustic Warfare Analyst.  

Barnes Peter Robert 'Junior' A316760 Flight Engineer 20/08/1990 A/C Accident (civilian).  

Barry Paddy Flight Engineer Asbestosis.  

Batey Robery William 'Bob' A221711 Loadmaster 10/10/2016 Cancer. Palmdale, NSW.

Bennett Reg A12248 Flight Engineer 24/8/1979 Cardiac. Pine Grove Cemetery
Minchinbury, NSW.

Bielby Alan George 'Tangles' A57774 Crewman 12/08/2011   Hilton, WA.

Blackman Robert James A222240 Flight Engineer 11/04/1994 Cardiac. 35 Squadron. Pine Grove Cemetery
Minchinbury, NSW.

Bloxsom Alan Clarence A111550 Crewman 31/03/1971 KIA Vietnam. Rockhampton Crematorium, QLD.

Bosley Keith John 'Boz' A217578 Flight Engineer 13/08/2014   St Monica's, Tugun, QLD.

Bournes Richard 'Dick' A216067 Flight Engineer 09/11/2010    

Bowden Keith Henry A216777 Loadmaster 01/1987 Spinal Cancer. Original 11 Squadron flight engineer.  

Brazill Ian 'Braz' A125650 Loadmaster 23/12/2009 Liver and renal failure. Burpengary, NSW.

Brown Ron A218785 Flight Engineer 04/08/2010    

Cannons Edward James 'Eddie" A19359 Loadmaster 08/03/2015    

Carson Peter   Flight Engineer 28/07/2015 Cardiac and complication from stroke. Cambridge, NZ.

Cartwright Tim A124524 Flight Engineer 29/04/2013 Cancer Tasmania.

Chappell Terrence William A19605 Loadmaster 04/08/1999 Cancer.  

Charlton Noel Heathcote A216565 Pilot 19/03/1957 A/C Accident. Dakota A65-112. Duntroon, ACT. Woden Cemetery, Canberra (Catholic Section).

Christensen Ian 'Chrisso A112492 Loadmaster 30/06/2017 Cardiac. Nelson Bay, 07/06/2017.

Connell HD   Parachute Jump Instructor Nil Details    

Collins Michael 'Mick' A510463 Flight Engineer 17/02/1991 Bone Marrow Cancer. Mick flew with 11 Squadron (P3C) and in 1986 was awarded the 'National Catalina Association Award' for the most outstanding airman of the year. Sadly Mick succumb to a cancer called 'Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria'.  

Coombe Maxwell A217437 Signaller 19/03/1957 A/C Accident. Dakota A65-112. Duntroon, ACT. Dawson Cemetery, Taree, NSW.

Cooper AFC Stanley Detlev A32455 Flight Engineer 12/07/2016 Cardiac Ryhope, NSW.

Coughlan CGM John Desmond 'Snow' A220788 Crewman 11/04/2013 Cancer. Service, 22/04/2013.
Police Academy Chapel, Glen Waverley, Vic.

Crook Rodrick 'Rick'
  Flight Engineer 22/10/2014 Reason for death inconclusive. Bowra & O'Dea
Hilton, WA.

Crouch AFM William James A57753 Crewman Technical 15/02/2012 Cancer. Richmond Lawn Cemetery. NSW.

Daley Chris Flight Engineer 26/01/1982 Passed away while on combat survival course, Townsville. Chris's daughter, FSGT Jessica Daley, serves as an AEA on P3 Orions with 92 Wing. 22 March 2007.  

Deacon John   Flight Steward 21/06/2015 Stroke. Vienna, Austria. 01/07/2015.

Dean Barry John A221814 Flight Engineer 02/06/2015 Cancer. Mollymook, NSW.

Dexter Robert John A34153 Loadmaster 19/10/1994 Cancer.  

Dorsman Desmond Edward 'Des'   Flight Engineer 19/11/2010    

Dubber MID David John A317809 Gunner 07/06/1971 KIA, Vietnam, A2-723. Garden of Remembrance, Melb.

Dudley MP   01/1985    

Dunsdon Barrie Edward A32785 Flight Engineer 30/5/1995   Cleveland Columbarium Wall, Q.

Edwards DFM George Alexander A314994 Crewman 18/08/2003    

Edwards John Joseph A118172 Gunner 2006   Redcliffe Cemetery, QLD.

Ellem 'Ted' Edward Darrell A216436 Loadmaster 2007?    

Fawcett Johnathon Mark A228561 Flight Engineer 29/10/1991 A/C Accident, VIC. A20-103. Aged 36 Years.  

Ferry Rowland George 'Fred' A57800 Crewman 17/12/2006    

Flinn Christopher John A318123 Gunner Unknown    

Garrard Geoff A62035 Crewman 13/05/2016 Cancer.  

Gilbert Ted A14425 Flight Engineer    

Gilham Kevin A217592 Flight Engineer 24/01/2012   Townsville.

Glover Gordon Flight Engineer 1996 Served with 292 Squadron.  

Goddard Maxwell Bruce A310150 Loadmaster 24/11/2005 Cardiac.  

Greenacre Robert Edward 'Bob' A56155 Flight Engineer 15/04/2014 Cancer. Pine Grove, Eastern Creek, NSW. 24/04/2014.

Guthrie V   Parachute Jump Instructor Nil Details    

Gwynne Allan George A113951 Loadmaster 29/10/1991 A/C Accident, VIC. A20-103. Aged 43 Years. Windsor, NSW.

Hamill DFM Trevor Lawrence A317922 Loadmaster 22/06/2006 Cancer. Garden of Remembrance, Woden Cemetery, ACT,

Harrington Francis Joseph 409994 Wireless Air Gunner 10/04/1984    

Harrington William Rex 'Bill' A32932 Crewman 08/1997    

Harrop Gregory Leonard A119430 Gunner Unknown    

Harris Kevin   Flight Engiineer 18/03/2010 Cancer.  

Hay Ray (Snr) A51214 Loadmaster Unknown   Pine Grove Cemetery
Minchinbury, NSW.

Hay Wayne 'Ray' A57080 Crewman 24/10/2015 Stroke Bunbury, WA.

Hayes MID John 'Gabby' A659 Loadmaster 19/12/2013 Cardiac.  

Hawkins Raymond Arthur A21099 Flight Engineer 03/08/2010 Cancer. Leura crematorium.

Hazel William 'Bill' A117528 Gunner Unknown    

Hendy Colin Russell A223081 Crewman Unknown    

Hinsby Paul Loadmaster 05/2001 Cancer.  

Hitchins AM AFC David Wilson O5836 Pilot 18/01/2011   Ashes held with family..

Hoath Albert Edward A12902 Loadmaster 17/04/2010    

Hollands PD   Parachute Jump Instructor Nil Details    

Hollis Warren Arthur 'Benny' A32935 Flight Engineer 04/02/2011    

Humpries Bob   Unknown    

Hutchinson Garth Flight Engineer 1996.    

Jacobsen Ronald 'Ron' A115008 Loadmaster 20/02/2010 Bowel Cancer.  

Jesinowski Monty Alexander A111642 Flight Engineer 12/03/2016 Brain Tumour Pinaroo Lawn Cemetery, Bridgeman Downs, Brisbane, Q. 18/03/2016.

Jones Allan A52401 Loadmaster 1992 Cardiac.  

Jones Bob A312719 Loadmaster 19/05/2010    

Jones AFM Gary Lincoln A56916 Loadmaster 17/02/2011 Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (lung disease). Rouse Hill, NSW.

Jones Kevin 'Spike'   Flight Engineer 06/01/2011    

Juleff Denis William 'Monty' A113924 Loadmaster 24/01/1990    

Kajevic Tom A224340 Crewman 27/06/2011 Cardiac. Gatton, QLD.

Kelly John William A38233 Flight Engineer 02/08/2013   Richmond, NSW.S

Kimber Bill Flight Engineer 05/1993 Original USAF-trained ‘A’ Model Flight Engineer.  

Kluver John A11547 Loadmaster 1967 Cancer.  

Lee MID Ian 'Shorty' A224697 Gunner 2003 Cancer. Port Headland, WA.

Leslie Heriot 'Harry' A5905 Flight Engineer 13/01/2013 Prostate Cancer Gardenia Grove, Lalor Park, 22/01/2013.

Lindsay Malcolm Andrew A32952 Flight Engineer 09/10/2012    

Lord Rober George A318073 Flight Engineer 27/03/1994 Leukaemia. ANZAC Garden of Remembrance, Pinnaroo Lawn Cemetery, Aspley. Q.

Lourenz MA   Parachute Jump Instructor Nil Details    

Love MID Gregory Stewart A211438 Crewman 02/02/2016 Passed away in Kenya, South Africa  

Loveday Peter A112559 Flight Steward 23/01/2010 Cancer.  

Lovell Kenneth James A112559 Gunner 01/01/2004 Stroke. Warrill Park Lawn Cemetery, Ipswich, Q.

Macdonald Neil (Hector Neil) O1635 Pilot 19/03/1957 A/C Accident. Dakota A65-112. Duntroon, ACT. Woden Cemetery, Canberra (Returned Servicemen Section).

MacDonald Rob 'Ferg' Flight Engineer 03/07/2002 Cancer.  

Mackrill Ian A39901 Navigator 19/03/1957 A/C Accident. Dakota A65-112. Duntroon, ACT. Woden Cemetery, Canberra (Presbyter-ian Section).

Mansell Paul A130709 Flight Engineer 27/02/2005 Stroke. (P3 Orion).  

Marshall Thomas Henry A218619 Loadmaster 06/08/2007 Cancer.  

Mathews Terence Russell William A32438 Flight Engineer 25/03/2009 Pulmonary Embolism.  

McCarthy (WOFF) Vincent Joseph A24672 Signaller 04/02/1959 A/C Accident, Cornwallis, NSW.
Neptune A89-308.
Grave 317, Rookwood Cemetery, Sydney.

McCormick Bernard 'Bernie' A110602 Loadmaster 14/01/1995 Cancer. Richmond, NSW.

McInerny Brian Loadmaster 11/2005    

McLeod Ken A118137 Gunner    

McLeod Neville Flight Engineer 11/12/2004 Pneumonia.  

McLintock Jack Flight Engineer 09/12/2004 Original USAF-trained ‘A’ Model Flight Engineer.  

McNair Duncan Glen A317006 Crewman 20/07/1970 A/C Accident, Vietnam. Springvale Memorial Cemetery, Vic.

McNamara Neville Patrick O11353 Pilot 07/05/2014   Christopher's Cathedral, Manuka, ACT, 15 May 2014.

McPhail William Angus 'Mick' A117425 Gunner 25/03/2007 Cancer. Woodford, QLD.

Milstead Steven Gordon A316726 Crewman 25/11/1978 A/C Accident, SA.
Iroquois A2-770.
Mount Thompson, QLD.

Moloney Beven Charles A24887 Flight Engineer 17/06/2008 Stroke. Berry, NSW. 2535.  

Moran Anthony 'Jamie' A57001 Flight Enginer 14/12/2008 Cancer.  

Morrison MJ   Parachute Jump Instructor Nil Details    

Muldowney AFC Keith 'Mul' A11751 Loadmaster 07/09/2012   Great Southern Memorial Park, Carbrook, QLD.

Neil Walter 'Wally' Loadmaster 10/2001 Cancer.  

Nichols J   Parachute Jump Instructor Nil Details    

Neilsen     Parachute Jump Instructor Nil Details    

Noble Terry Flight Engineer Unknown    

O'Brien Kevin Ignatius 'Obie' A41090 Loadmaster 19/10/2009   Innis Gardens, Port Macquarie, NSW.

Paine Edward 'Eddie' A14985 Flight Engineer 06/2009    

Pitt Tony A32974 Flight Engineer 22/09/2008 Cancer.  

Power Gary Ainsleigh A222878 Loadmaster 28/08/72 Killed in a Caribou accident in PNG 28 August, 1972. A4-233.  

Ramsay Edward 'Ted'   Crewman 20/03/2016   Tuckers Funeral Home, Grovedale. Victoria. 24/03/2016.

Reilly Kevin John 'Jack' A217617 Flight Engineer 04/06/2017   Avenel, Victoria. 14/06/2017.

Reynolds-Huntley Anthony 'Tony' A221951 Crewman 20/08/2017   Broadmeadow, NSW.

Rhodes Dusty Loadmaster Unknown    

Rienke Ian Desmond A116918 Gunner 16/08/1971 Motor Vehicle Accident, Inala, Qld.  

Roberts Bill Flight Engineer Approx. 1999 Original USAF-trained ‘A’ Model Flight Engineer.  

Robertson Brian   Flight Steward 05/2011 Cancer England.

Robertson James 'Jim' Flight Engineer 13/01/2009 Leukemia. Original P3B FENG.  

Rock (SGT) John Michael A213190 Navigator 04/02/1959 A/C Accident, Cornwallis, NSW.
Neptune A89-308.
Grave 319, Rookwood Cemetery, Sydney.

Roman AFM Sandy Loadmaster 18/03/1995 Lung Cancer. Time Millner, NT.

Rooney Arthur 'Mick' A313246 Flight Engineer 1994 Heart Attack.  

Roos Bart 'Hoppy' Flight Engineer 1989 Road Accident East Sale. (Bart was a RAAF pilot with SAN at the time of his death).  

Rose Brian James 'Flowers' A111481 Loadmaster 16/07/2004 Cancer.  

Rowe CSC Arthur John A218560 Loadmaster 21/10/2016 Pneumonia. Age 76. Garden of Remembrance, Toowoomba, QLD. 28/10/2016.

Rowley Bryan Harvey 'Blue' A45931 Crewman 31/10/1982 Civil Aircraft Accident, Scone. (Tigermoth).  

Russell Dennis A223249 Flight Engineer 02/08/2016    

Ryan Ashley A43412 Loadmaster 1989 Cancer.  

Sewell Alan A45964 Crewman 19/02/2015 Cancer (brain tumour). Freemantle.

Sharman Barry Alan A218593 Loadmaster 29/11/2013
Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park, Padbury. WA.

Sharpe MID Herbert Roy 'Marlow' A45003 Loadmaster 24/09/1977 Cardiac.  

Sheriff Peter James 'Deputy' A119739 Gunner 01/01/1971 Accidentally killed, Vung Tau. Toowoomba. QLD.

Simmons Norman Charles A112131 Loadmaster 01/01/2009    

Steel Gregory Loadmaster    

Starkie Raymond Thomas A18882 Gunner 25/04/1974 Car Accident, Victoria.  

Stratton George Thomas 'Monty' A51124 Loadmaster 11/1980    

Thomas Colin Flight Engineer Unknown Brain Tumour.  

Thompson Rex Ernest 'Mr Grace' A6280 Loadmaster 28/04/1990 Cancer. Emu Plains. NSW.

Tully David Stuart 'Jim' A24931 Flight Engineer 18/06/2011 Motorcycle Accident. Newcastle Memorial Park, Beresfield. NSW.

Turner Leonard James A11745 Flight Engineer Unknown Liver Cancer.  

Turrell Keith A222401 Flight Engineer 20/01/2012 Cardiac. Currumbin Chapel, Q.

Tyler Christopher James A113190 Crewman 11/1995 Cardiac.  

Van der Woude Hendrik 'Hank' A56059 Loadmaster 03/06/1990 Cancer.  

Vellacott Joseph Peter 'Joe' A112514 Flight Engineer 25/05/2009 Cancer. Boonah, QLD.

Vest Bruce 'Blue' A218079 Signaller/AEO 27/05/2016 Cardiac. Townsville, QLD.

Vidler Peter A113099 Crewman 11/01/1974 A/C Accident, Stanthorpe, QLD. Iroquois A2-378.  

Volker Graham A/O15592 Loadmaster 18/06/2017 Cancer. Woongarra Crematorium, Townsville.

Wadling Keith Stanley A21471 Flight Engineer 05/11/2015 Unknown Bellbrae Cemetery, Victoria.

Wallis Barrie Desmond A14984 Flight Engineer 15/09/2014 Cancer. Toowoomba, QLD.

Warman William 'Bill' A43519 Air Gunner 26/06/2014 Age. Caboolture, QLD.

Wattie Peter A318385 Crewman 04/01/2017   Pinaroo Valley Memorial Park, Padbury, WA.

Watts James Herbert 'Jimmy' Pilot 21/09/2009    

Weatherall Rick Loadmaster 27/11/2008 Rail Accident, Cardwell, Q. Townsville, QLD.

Wells Leslie, James A13172 Loadmaster
  Maryborough, QLD.

West Stuart Douglas A19647 Loadmaster 29/01/1995 Cardiac.  

Wheeler Barry John A123294 Loadmaster 04/09/2017   Hervey Bay, QLD.

White C   Parachute Jump Instructor Nil Details    

Williams Walter 'Ted'   Flight Engineer 24/07/2015 Cardiac. Leura, NSW.

Williams Len Loadmaster 1967 Cardiac. North Rockhampton Cemetery.

Wilson Brian 'Firey' Crewman 19/08/1981 A/C Accident, Williamtown. NSW. A2-1023.  

Wilson Michael John   Loadmaster 03/02/2012 Cancer. Nerang, QLD.

Winfield Donald Malcolm A19252 Loadmaster 28/01/1995 Cancer.  

Wittup Edward 'Ted' A315051 Loadmaster 10/12/2011 Cancer.